Why You Need to Knock on Doors in 2015

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Today I'm going to be talking about something that probably not a lot of Realtors like to do, and that's door knocking. You need to go into your neighborhoods and speak with the next-door neighbors of homes you've sold. Tell them that you sold the home within five days and for top dollar. Let people know that you're selling homes and that you care about getting them the most money possible.

I know that door-knocking works because just the other day I had a personal experience with some door-knockers. Two men in suits knocked on my door, and it turned out that they were with a roofing company and they thought that I might need a new roof. I was interested in what they had to say, and they were very good at selling themselves to me because I allowed them to give me a quote on a roof and a new window. I'm not saying that I'll be using their services, but they were very convincing, and I think you can do what they were doing.

Occasionally when we're having an open house we will leave door-hangers on people's homes to remind them of it. We've found that door knocking is a powerful medium of communication. This is why we encourage you to step outside and begin conversations with potential buyers and sellers. Nothing beats face-to-face communication.

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