The Secret to Reaching More Clients and Growing Your Business

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 Recently, I sold a home from a premier Wallingford neighborhood off of an online auction. The site is called and it's one of many available online auction sites.

Many brokers and agents aren't familiar with online auctions or HUD properties. Truth be told, I'm probably selling 15 to 20 homes a year off these auctions alone! I'm also a HUD-certified broker and a big proponent of If none of this is ringing a bell, you need to get to work - these are things you need to become familiar with! You need to be able to offer more to your clients, to make them aware of other ways of selling homes.

These websites will give you relevant information in the marketplace and they're going to increase your business. Buyers are hungry for deals, and many distressed properties can't be found online without help. By becoming HUD-certified and learning how to use and (among others), you will be offering your clients more value than most other agents.

If any of you want to sit down with me and learn about becoming a certified HUD broker, about online auctions or Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac, I would be happy to give you an education on this. It's something that can really increase your business and I would love to help you do that!