The Benefits of Having a Transaction Manager

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As always, my goal is to give you relevant information that will help you grow your business and get the results you've always wanted. Today, I want to talk about transaction management.

Having a full-time, licensed transaction coordinator is crucial if you want to free up time to do what you do best. Here at Carbutti and Co. Realtors, our coordinator Don manages transactions from contract to close and is a huge part of our team. He allows our agents to sell more homes because they do not need to concern themselves with non-dollar producing activities. The roles of a transaction coordinator include: extending home inspection contingencies, mortgage contingencies, closing dates, negotiating any home inspection issues with the other agents, and writing addendums to be signed by all the relevant parties.

Essentially, a full-time, licensed transaction coordinator is there to take care of the tasks an agent who sells 50 houses a year shouldn't have to worry about. If you don't have the time or resources to hire one, it would be wise to join a high-producing real estate team or brokerage that will provide one for you. If you think it's not going to increase your production, you're simply mistaken. They free up time to do the work that generates money, like generating and converting more leads.

If you would like some more detailed information on transaction coordinators - how to hire one, what they're paid, how to train them - I would love to sit down with you and talk about it. I look forward to helping you soon!