How Can You Create an Effective Real Estate Video?

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A common misconception about what makes a good video is that the picture quality is most important. While that is one important aspect, we think there are other things you need to focus on.
  1. Audio: This is the most important part of a good video. Most of us are willing to watch a video with poor picture quality. However, most people can't stand a video for more than 10 seconds if the audio is terrible. 
  2. Lighting: Investing in box lights is important so you are properly lit in the video. Shutting blinds and avoiding natural light can also help improve the picture quality.
  3. Presentation: Don't try too hard - you don't want to look like you've rehearsed or that you're delivering a canned spiel. Be genuine and sincere - speak from your points of reference, your experience, and your expert knowledge on the subject. In short, be yourself.
  4. Branding: Make sure your content is clear. You want people to understand what your company is about and identify with what you're trying to do.
These 4 tips will go a long way to help you improve your real estate videos - but this is only the beginning. If you would like additional coaching advice, we would love to chat. Give us a call or shoot us an email for tips you need to make excellent videos.