Individual agent vs. real estate team: What is best for you?

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Individual agent vs. real estate team: What is best for you?

Today I wanted to talk about a reoccurring theme I have often spoke about before, and that is the individual real estate agent versus the real estate team. We know that a lot of the real estate experts are telling us to set up teams with many advocates behind them. Some of you may be hesitant about joining a real estate team, but we’re not talking about a 50/50 partnership. We’re talking about setting up your own real estate team.

The average real estate agent can only do so many things throughout the day. Some of the things an individual needs to be an expert in are listing specialist, secretary, listing coordinator, marketing guru, buyer’s agent and a closing coordinator just to name a few. If you look at the setup of a real estate team, the team leader (or rain maker) is at the top.

The team leader will have a buyer’s agent under them and as the team grows, there will be showing assistants to help your buyer’s agent and ultimately having a transaction coordinator handling the contract from contract to close. Ideally when you begin gaining inventory, spending money on marketing and gathering leads, you can train a listing specialist to perform a listing/marketing presentation to your standards.

You would then have a listing coordinator under the listing specialist. If you continue to grow your team, you can create your own inside sales department. Your sales department will call your leads and setting appointments for your buyer’s agents and listing specialists.

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