Should You Rethink Your Social Media Strategy?

 Today I wanted to talk about social media strategies in your marketing plan. Social media strategy is a very broad term, especially in real estate, so I’m going to speak in generalities today. Many real estate agents see social media as leads when that’s really not the case. To understand social media, you have to look at them as relationships. You never want to try and sell someone through a social media outlet and you develop those relationships with people who are not ready to enter the market now.

For example, many agents look at Facebook as a means to have relationships with potential buyers and sellers. If you broaden your thinking, I actually look at it as a way to have relationships with other real estate agents and brokers from around the country. I was able to establish a relationship with an agent that moved from the area and she had a client in need of broker to sell their home. I met with the seller and sold the property just yesterday.

I also recently found out that the average age of a Twitter user is 38; I was originally under the impression that Twitter was for high school and college kids. However, the age of 38 is my ideal age of a customer to work with. Whatever social media strategy you employ, figure out what type of client you want to reach out to and “fish in that lake.” It’s as easy as that.

If you would like to have an in-depth conversation on social media strategies, give me a call and I can share with you the success I’ve had. Thanks and have a great day!