6 Steps to Take You from Zero to Hero!

Today’s topic is “90 Days from Zero to Hero.” This topic can apply to new real estate agents to even the most experienced real estate agents who may be in a slump. I have written down six ways to become the hero in 90 days. The first and foremost is having a written business plan. Everyone should have a GPS showing you where you want to go and how you’re going to get there. If you have that written business plan, you know steps you have to take. The second step is having an accountability coach. “Accountability Coach” is a very generic term and could be used to describe a team leader, someone on your team, another agent, a paid coach, a mentor or even someone like myself, a business coach.

Number three involves having a fair amount of leads. This is also a very generic term. Every one of you should have a database and should be into database management. Either you are feeding that database with leads you have gathered every week from the people you meet or you’re paying for a lead generation service. No matter how you obtain your leads, you need to be feeding that database so you can reap the rewards in the end.

The fourth step deals with scripts, dialogues and role playing. This step is so crucial in our business and this message is really directed to us experienced agents. Every single week I am making myself better and better with the different scripts and dialogue and internalizing that and role playing that with my team members. When I do this with my team, everyone feels the benefits.

For the fifth step, we tie it back to number one with minimum weekly calls. In real estate, it’s not about the incoming calls, but the outgoing calls. My team calls it “dialing for dollars” because the more conversations you have about real estate, the more it’s going to lead to a transaction. The last step is having weekly mastermind sessions. You need to be in a mastermind group with other like-minded professionals with similar goals, expectations and ambitions.

These six points are really going to complete your entire “marketecture.” If you want to have an in-depth conversation about this, call me at (203) 980-6886. Thanks and have a great day!