6 Steps to Take You from Zero to Hero!

Today’s topic is “90 Days from Zero to Hero.” This topic can apply to new real estate agents to even the most experienced real estate agents who may be in a slump. I have written down six ways to become the hero in 90 days. The first and foremost is having a written business plan. Everyone should have a GPS showing you where you want to go and how you’re going to get there. If you have that written business plan, you know steps you have to take. The second step is having an accountability coach. “Accountability Coach” is a very generic term and could be used to describe a team leader, someone on your team, another agent, a paid coach, a mentor or even someone like myself, a business coach.

Number three involves having a fair amount of leads. This is also a very generic term. Every one of you should have a database and should be into database management. Either you are feeding that database with leads you have gathered every week from the people you meet or you’re paying for a lead generation service. No matter how you obtain your leads, you need to be feeding that database so you can reap the rewards in the end.

The fourth step deals with scripts, dialogues and role playing. This step is so crucial in our business and this message is really directed to us experienced agents. Every single week I am making myself better and better with the different scripts and dialogue and internalizing that and role playing that with my team members. When I do this with my team, everyone feels the benefits.

For the fifth step, we tie it back to number one with minimum weekly calls. In real estate, it’s not about the incoming calls, but the outgoing calls. My team calls it “dialing for dollars” because the more conversations you have about real estate, the more it’s going to lead to a transaction. The last step is having weekly mastermind sessions. You need to be in a mastermind group with other like-minded professionals with similar goals, expectations and ambitions.

These six points are really going to complete your entire “marketecture.” If you want to have an in-depth conversation about this, call me at (203) 980-6886. Thanks and have a great day!

Should You Rethink Your Social Media Strategy?

 Today I wanted to talk about social media strategies in your marketing plan. Social media strategy is a very broad term, especially in real estate, so I’m going to speak in generalities today. Many real estate agents see social media as leads when that’s really not the case. To understand social media, you have to look at them as relationships. You never want to try and sell someone through a social media outlet and you develop those relationships with people who are not ready to enter the market now.

For example, many agents look at Facebook as a means to have relationships with potential buyers and sellers. If you broaden your thinking, I actually look at it as a way to have relationships with other real estate agents and brokers from around the country. I was able to establish a relationship with an agent that moved from the area and she had a client in need of broker to sell their home. I met with the seller and sold the property just yesterday.

I also recently found out that the average age of a Twitter user is 38; I was originally under the impression that Twitter was for high school and college kids. However, the age of 38 is my ideal age of a customer to work with. Whatever social media strategy you employ, figure out what type of client you want to reach out to and “fish in that lake.” It’s as easy as that.

If you would like to have an in-depth conversation on social media strategies, give me a call and I can share with you the success I’ve had. Thanks and have a great day!

3 Buyer Myths Debunked

3 Buyer Myths Debunked

Today I wanted to talk to you about buyer myths among real estate agents. If any of you have had the opportunity to go to Sue Adler’s Hear It Direct Consumer Panel, you will know what I’m talking about. Sue actually has a group of buyers and sellers who have actually bought and sold a home on stage. She asks them a bunch of questions and they give some brutally honest and direct answers to those questions. With these honest answers, we were able to dispel a lot of myths we had as real estate agents.

The most prevalent myth that was debunked was that today’s buyers are too busy for a consultation. I think you really need to ask yourself as a real estate professional “is a buyer consultation is part of your teams practice?” We have really been implanting this in the last few months as a real estate team and having the buyers coming into the office. By having answering buyer’s questions and resolving any concerns they have about the home buying process, we’ve received surprising results and positive feedback. We’ve found that if buyers aren’t willing to come into the office on their time and their gas, they aren’t serious buyers.

The second myth is that consumers know we have their best interest at heart. Most people don’t know we have their best interest at heart until you earn their trust. Are you selling the customer instead of educating and consulting? You have to move away from selling yourself, answering questions in an open and honest way will earn their trust. The final myth is that the “Google Generation” doesn’t need you. The mindset of this generation is that they want to work with you on their time and when they are ready. However, they absolutely want to work with a real estate professional but they do not want to be pushed.

If you are interested in hearing the Hear It Direct conference, you can find the schedule on Google. If you want to discuss these myths, call me at (203) 980-6886 or email me at jonathan@carbutti.com.

Thanks and have a great day!