Simply Marketing Yourself

Today, I wanted to focus on marketing strategies. We all know that technology is a huge part of our industry, but I think a lot of agents are relying on it too much to bring them business. Technology is great, but we are forgetting about the basics.

What do I mean by basics? One of the most powerful ways to market you and your business is direct response marketing through the mail. It is so powerful and so effective if it is done correctly and consistently.

Every 5-6 weeks I send a postcard to 1,789 homes. On the front of the card is my picture, my name, my logo, my contact information and couple of my unique selling propositions:

  •  I sell 92% of the homes I list.
  •  I guarantee to sell your home or you can fire me at any time, no questions asked.

On the back of the card it says “How to know what your home is worth today” followed by my website and contact information.

You would be surprised at the number of people who pick up their phone and call me. This postcard landed me two listing appointments just this week. 

You might be thinking you don’t have the time to send out 2,000 post cards every month. I don’t do this myself! I pay a onetime monthly fee to an outside vendor and they do everything for me: the addresses, the mailings and the ad copy. All I do is set a schedule and the vendor follows it.

Let’s look at the numbers. If I send to 1,789 homes and have at least a 5 percent turnover rate in a 12-month period, that’s potentially 89 listings. You want to send to at least a list of 500 addresses.

If you want more information on our program and how it’s working for me, just shoot me quick email or give me a call!

Thanks for watching!