Generating Leads Online

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We want to help make 2013 the best year you’ve had.

Real Estate is about two things: lead generation and lead conversion.  You can’t have one without the other.

I see a lot of agents running open houses or putting their names in the newspaper.  While these methods are not necessarily ineffective, there are better advertising tools out there - primarily the Internet.

On average you should be generating a minimum of 250 to 300 online leads monthly. This means getting a valid phone number and email from website visitors. After generating these leads, the next step is to convert them into appointments.  We have a full time ISA who calls each of those leads to try and set up an appointment.

We have been generating 350 to 400 leads per month for my real estate team alone.  We have so many online leads, now, that we do not have enough buyers agents to follow up.

We are looking for 2 to 3 more buyers agents that want to be a part of a successful real estate team and want their business generated for them. If you are interested or if you just want to know more about the online system please call 203.980.6886 or email me

Daily ISA Reports

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One of the most important parts of a sale is setting up that initial appointment with your client.  You can’t make a sale without building a relationship.

To track the number of appointments being made daily and weekly, I have my ISA use a form that tracks how many calls he made, who he spoke with, what the results were and if an appointment was made.

Filling out this simple form daily helps you gauge how many appointments are being made, thus how many monthly pending sales you have.  Sales are directly correlated with the number of meetings set up.

If you would like this form, send me a quick email at and I’ll send it over.  Please send me your feedback as well!