How to Avoid the Roller Coaster

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One of my favorite books is “21 Things I Wish My Broker had Told Me: Practical Advice for Real Estate Professionals.” Although it was written in 2002, it’s just as relevant today and applies to experienced as well as new agents. Let me explain how this book can help you.

One of my favorite chapters is “Practicing Good Habits.” Information on feeding the front end was an aha moment for me because failing to do so strikes almost every agent. What does this mean? Think of a real estate transaction as a pipeline that starts with the marketing of your services at the front end and getting a check at the back end. For you to sustain yourself in the business you have to keep transactions moving through the pipeline. Keep in mind that all the transactions are at various stages of completion. You don’t need to work on every step of every transaction at various stages when they are in the pipeline because you have a team and can delegate to its members. But if you don’t feed the front end, you’ll end up with a feast or famine by spending time and money generating leads, showing houses, then being distracted to the end when you close the deal. You then go back to the front end and you have no clients, hence the famine. This was a big problem for me which created a roller coaster ride. To avoid this mentality, you need to feed the front end so you generate commission checks 12 months out of the year.

That’s one of many aha moments from this book. If you want to borrow my copy or if you have read the book, let’s compare notes. Please contact me at (203) 980-6886 or I hope to talk with you soon whether it’s in my office or at a coffee shop.