Real Estate Careers Offer the Perfect Change for Dynamic Professionals Seeking Change

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Now more than ever before it is important to love what you are doing in life – especially your work life. In a world of a million choices, why not consider a career that gives you exciting opportunities to meet people from all walks of life, the pride that comes with owning your own business and sense of accomplishment that comes with success?

It’s a Great Time for the Real Estate Profession

A few days ago I met an individual at a social event and when we got to talking, I was surprised to hear that he was very interested in my chosen career path. In fact, he wanted more information about possibly joining my team. I’ll share with you what I shared with him; now is THE time to get in the business.

As they say, business is booming. It goes without saying that success is achieved with hard work and hard work is rewarded in any business you get into. But the difference that I’ve found that comes with working in the real estate profession is a genuine rewarding feeling that comes from helping people.

A Career With Many Rewarding Returns

Time and again, we real estate brokers are given the opportunity to help someone transition from one stage of life to the next, to liberate them from a situation that might be bringing them down or to help make a dream home become a reality. Nothing is more satisfying than knowing you have had a part in changing someone’s life.

The financial aspects are fantastic too. It’s no secret that with the right attitude, the right guidance and excellent support systems in place – the sky’s the limit for your success. I’m living, breathing proof of that.

One-on-One Coaching Designed to Perfect Your Business

So if you like the sound of moving into a career path that involves day-to-day exciting change or working closely with people to help them realize their dreams – l invite you to get in touch with me! Let’s have a cup of coffee and I’ll share with you, in detail, what you can look forward to. I’ll go over the nuts and bolts of how to get started and we’ll talk about what it really takes to stand out in a crowd and truly succeed.

My three newest agents (also my top-producing agents) can attest to the fact that it worked for them and I know that if it’s right for you, it will work for you too. Call me, text or email a time and let’s get together to talk about your future in real estate.

How to Avoid the Roller Coaster

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One of my favorite books is “21 Things I Wish My Broker had Told Me: Practical Advice for Real Estate Professionals.” Although it was written in 2002, it’s just as relevant today and applies to experienced as well as new agents. Let me explain how this book can help you.

One of my favorite chapters is “Practicing Good Habits.” Information on feeding the front end was an aha moment for me because failing to do so strikes almost every agent. What does this mean? Think of a real estate transaction as a pipeline that starts with the marketing of your services at the front end and getting a check at the back end. For you to sustain yourself in the business you have to keep transactions moving through the pipeline. Keep in mind that all the transactions are at various stages of completion. You don’t need to work on every step of every transaction at various stages when they are in the pipeline because you have a team and can delegate to its members. But if you don’t feed the front end, you’ll end up with a feast or famine by spending time and money generating leads, showing houses, then being distracted to the end when you close the deal. You then go back to the front end and you have no clients, hence the famine. This was a big problem for me which created a roller coaster ride. To avoid this mentality, you need to feed the front end so you generate commission checks 12 months out of the year.

That’s one of many aha moments from this book. If you want to borrow my copy or if you have read the book, let’s compare notes. Please contact me at (203) 980-6886 or I hope to talk with you soon whether it’s in my office or at a coffee shop.