Six Must-Have New Phone or Tablet Apps for Your Real Estate Business

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Real estate today is all about technology. The reason is because consumers today are all about technology. Think about it. Have you seen anyone these days that doesn’t have a smartphone? They always say that in business, you should emulate the behaviors of the person you are working to achieve a business relationship with as much as possible. So it’s not too surprising then that those agents that walk into a meeting, armed with a mobile device – instantly have a business edge over others. I have shared hot apps with you in the past that I feel will jumpstart or kick your business up a notch – here are six more apps that you may not be able to live without.

Who says that we have to be 100% available all the time? Granted, in this industry it is hard to let go for anything longer than a couple hours. But what if there was a way that you could step away and disengage from your email accounts – but single out the most important ones and let them through? This new app, Away Fine, allows you to do just that. You can be selective and through a series of questions that you input, you can filter which messages for which you want to receive SMS, voice or other alerts.

Despite all the digital influences that surround us, all of us still carry business cards. But how, honestly, does one have time to file and categorize each? With CardMuch you can use your phone’s camera to snap a picture of the business card(s). The app then pulls all pertinent information from the card and files it away into a neat and easily accessible system for you to access later when you need it.

This is one of my favorites because it has been proven effective. With HaikuDeck you can create and deliver amazing listing presentations on your iPad and completely eliminate all that bulky (and very yesteryear) paper on your listing appointments.

How many times have you been out and about and wished you could access your computer? Log Me In allows you the unique capability to remotely access your computer from your iPhone or iPad, a very convenient tool for those times when you can’t run back to the office.

As we all know, capturing effective images of the homes we list is a critical component of effectively selling a home. This is particularly true with the sheer numbers of buyers that spend most of their time online searching for their homes. LightTrac is a fantastic app that’s designed to help you determine optimum timing for glare-free and picture perfect images.

Ideal for a real estate team, this app connects multiple people on one team through a unique messaging system using everyone’s phone. With phones turned into walkie-talkies, you can save minutes on your phone plan while at the same time utilize the service to send across group-wide memos. 
Keep in mind, no app is useful unless you use it and unless it truly helps you in your business. The general rule of thumb is that if you haven’t used it in over a month, you probably don’t need the app and you may as well remove it.

As always, the goal is to help you achieve the pinnacle of your goals and if I can be of help in any way – all you have to do is call me or email me.