Hear It Direct! (From Buyers, Sellers and Other Clients)

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Imagine if you could have all the feedback necessary, rolled into one neat little evening where buyers and sellers tell you what they think about their experiences in real estate. Well, some of you have already heard of Sue Adler’s “Hear It Direct” conference where she brings together dozens of real estate agents to listen in on three separate panels. Here’s just some of what we learned:

Buyers Tell All Including What Turned Them Off, What Didn’t Make a Difference and What They Learned

Probably the most startling thing to hear was that buyers really didn’t see things from the same perspective that we’ve been thinking all along. Rather than being glad to have met a Realtor® at an open house, the panel said they felt the agents were too pushy which put them off. Interestingly, more buyers actually chose their agents from open houses but in the end they weren’t happy with them and chose to go with someone else.

Zillow.com Ranked #1, Trulia Follows Closely at #2 and No One Contacted Agents on Either Site

With all the hoopla about online advertising plus the market share packages that both Trulia and Zillow present to real estate agents – it comes as a huge surprise to learn that neither really have much of an impact on buyers’ end decision. The panel disclosed that they would never call an agent they saw on Trulia or Zillow, saying they would rather contact their own agent or get in touch with someone in their sphere of influence. So much for all those marketing dollars spent for those sites!

“Social Media is Just That – Social, Not Business”
Without a doubt, probably one of the most surprising revelations from this conference for me was that clients do not want to be “friended” by their Realtor® on Facebook or any other social media platform. There were lots of laughs on this topic but it all came down to keeping business and pleasure separate. Now, you may think this means not to push too much Facebook on your clients – but these platforms are better used to keep up with your social circle. This way they know you’re in the business and think of you when it’s time for them or someone they know to buy or sell a property.

Coffee Shop Over Office Environment – HANDS DOWN

It turns out most prospective clients don’t like the pressure felt by meeting initially in an office. Across the board, panel members said they would much rather meet in a coffee shop or somewhere else. They didn’t say they did not want to hear about the process or learn what they needed to learn about buying or selling a home – rather they just didn’t want the added pressure of sitting in an office while doing so.

Sellers Care More About a Personal Connection Than a Tech Connection
For me, being one of the most technologically advanced brokers in our region, to hear this was very surprising. Not that sellers did not care about the level of technology offered by their agent and broker, rather they preferred to work with a broker/agent they felt connected with. The most common complaint among them all was the “too salesy” agent or the ones that really didn’t seem to care about their clients.
If you are as intrigued by what these past buyers and sellers had to say as I was – get in touch with me and I’ll share the 11 pages of notes I took from this excellent conference. And I strongly encourage you, the next time this comes around – GO to it!