Standing Out in a Crowd of Real Estate Professionals Is Not Enough; You Have to Be Relevant

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What if I told you there is a tool out there that will make you instantly stand out amongst the crowd and actually draw clients to your business? How about if I said that we already practice these tools and they consistently prove successful for our team?

Being Relevant In the Real Estate Industry Is the Key to Success

The truth is that in all your real estate training, coaching sessions, online educational resources and everything in between – you’ll never hear enough about the need to give your clients what they need. And in a real estate environment where the Internet allows us to reach buyers and sellers at lightning speed – and in fact allows them to find us at the same pace – now is the time to be relevant in the marketplace. Being relevant is about positioning yourself not only as an expert but also as someone that understands and values the perceptions of prospective, potential and actual clients.

One way that Carbutti & Co. Realtors chooses to highlight its relevancy in this very competitive industry is to offer carefully thought-out programs that are designed to underscore our confidence in our service. What better way to stand by your product than to offer a guarantee? And what better guarantee to real estate clientele than to give them an offer they can’t refuse?

Offer a Unique Selling Proposition to Make Yourself Stand Out

As you will see from our latest launch of a Unique Selling Proposition we’ve called our “Love It or Leave It” program, buyers can rest assured with the peace of mind that if they are not happy with their home purchase at anytime for the first 12 months of their time in the home – we’ll sell it for them free. This is a win-win situation. For us as real estate professionals because it obviously demonstrates our confidence in our ability to pair them with their perfect home and for buyers because they feel protected by this guarantee, making them feel they can’t lose.
So as you sit down to evaluate what your perception of how relevant you are in the marketplace is versus how relevant buyers and sellers might perceive you – keep one thing in mind: this is yet another opportunity to highlight what makes you different. Develop a USP or risk-reversal program that works with your unique way of doing business. If your strengths are in smooth-running transactions, consider offering a no-hassle listing guarantee. If your area of expertise is more centered on finding buyers their dream homes, then put together a program that shows them why you’re their agent.

As always, I’m committed to helping you make this year your best year yet and am available if you’d like to bounce ideas or thoughts around. Just shoot me a quick email and I’ll be happy to set aside some time for you.