How Real Estate Agents Must Change Their Way of Doing Business To Keep Up With Today’s Market

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Have you ever attempted to have something done where you needed to get multiple bids on the project and then decide which company and/or contractor suited your needs most? Imagine this: one company provides a quote in writing via snail mail in a matter of an entire week. The second firm places a telephone call that ends up in phone tag. The third, draws up a bid, scans and emails it within 60 minutes, then follows up with a text message to let them know when you receive it.

Do you see the difference the above example demonstrates in terms of today’s technologically savvy world versus those that are still working in yesterday’s tune? Gone are the days when a simple phone call would suffice. Snail mail is even more obsolete.

So what can you do, as a real estate agent, to be relevant? To be on the ball, staying at pace with your clients, if not ahead of them?

The answer lies in technology. And more specifically, an iPad. I can’t tell you how often I have said this to my team and other real estate agents that follow my agent training blog. There is nothing more relevant, more useful and more effective – than having an iPad at your fingertips, loaded with useful apps designed to enhance and perfect your business.

As I mentioned in the video above, with just a single example of one of the hundreds of apps available out there, you can “wow!” your clients, help them make effective decisions and do it all while saving time and energy.

So today’s message is a clear one – go out and get your iPad TODAY. You’ll join the ranks of the many top-producing agents that can’t operate without it.

If you’d like to hear how my top buyers’ agents utilize this device, or even if you’d just like to discuss your business goals moving forward – as always, I’m only an email away and am happy to see you through the pinnacle of your success!

Happy New Year and here’s to a great 2013!

Focusing On a Strong Business Plan Now Will Pay Dividends Later

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What would you say if I told you that your competition was asleep? You’d go after the business and grab as much as you could, right?! Well let me tell you that right now, that’s EXACTLY what’s happening. But it’s not what you think.

Rather than countless agents in your very own neighborhoods slacking off on making connections, it’s more a matter of them not really, truly knowing their master plan. And we all know that in business – the master plan is your Business Plan. So while the rest sit back and enjoy the holidays, now’s your chance to home in (literally and figuratively) on how you plan to excel and achieve in the coming year and beyond.

So how can you put together a killer business plan that will knock your sleeping competition right out of the game? Easy. Sit down and put to use my tips that I’ve shared with you here. These very same principles have worked for me, for my father and so many other highly successful, top producing agents.

How To Develop a Plan to Secure a Solid 2013 (and Beyond)

The first thing you need to do is identify your vision. Where do you see yourself professionally in the coming year? How do you envision your success and achievements beyond just 2013? In the same way, examine your personal vision; gain an understanding of exactly what motivates you to be in the business. Is it the success that drives you? Or the ability to provide for your family? Is there an inherent goal at hand that you are looking to accomplish?

Figure it all out, put it on paper and process it in your mind. This is what will drive your success now and always.

Another very important aspect of success in the real estate (or any business) is the ability to master at least five key areas. With the mountain of things we need to keep track of in our line of work, sometimes this can be a daunting task. So for your business plan, sit down and decide what five areas you would like to excel in and then work to achieve that moving ahead. These are typically pinpoint and precise items rather than broad range concepts. So for example, if you have been considering adopting a neighborhood to geo-farm, or hone your marketing presentation – these would be excellent items for your list.

Oftentimes, agents neglect to realize that they have been channeling their energies toward efforts that may not be yielding their desired results. Until and unless you take the time to know and understand where your efforts are concentrated, you will not have the clear path needed to forge ahead into even greater success in 2013. So for example if your online lead generation tools have been working better for you than your print advertisements, your business plan will be a great “sounding board” where you can zoom out and see things from a bird’s eye view.

Marketing is a complex, strategic plan that takes a long time and much foresight to develop and equally as much (if not more) energy and resources to implement. That’s why it’s critical to identify and plan out your marketing strategy. Not only that – it’s important to create a roadmap of the who/what/where/when/why/how of each marketing scheme so you are in control. Don’t forget to set up tracking systems so that you can assess the viability of your systems and tweak them as you go.

Remember, you went into this business with a vision. Keep refreshing your vision. Tweak it. Know it and understand it. And if you think something isn’t working well, it probably isn’t and it’s time to “reset” things.

As always, I am committed to your success and cherish the relationship I have with you as your coach. Please never hesitate to email, call or text me if you need anything. In fact, send across your business plan and I’ll take a look at it for you, together working to make your 2013 be your best real estate year ever!