Use a Prospecting Room For Proven Increase in Lead Conversion Rates

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The process of making calls and convincing prospective clients that you are the person that they should meet for their real estate needs – is not an easy feat. So the last thing you want is for a lack of concentration to get in the way of your success.

Want to Increase Your Lead Conversion Rates?

One of the easiest and most effective ways to accomplish successful prospecting calls is to establish a unique environment that is dedicated to the task. There is so much more than just talking on the phone that goes into making a quality prospecting call that ends up in an appointment. Not only do we as real estate agents need to establish and build a trust over the phone but also we need to communicate a sense of comfort and ease with the prospect.

Sitting behind a desk, with energy use at a minimum and a lackluster method of communication – it is no wonder that prospecting calls don’t always turn out as we would like them to. But transplant yourself into a fun, bright, open and airy space where there are no other distractions around you and watch the calls fly by with one successful appointment set after the other!

How To Set Up A Good Prospecting Environment?

Believe it or not, it does not have to cost too much. All you need is a room with available wall space, an Internet connection and electrical connection and you can be on your way. One key aspect of a prospecting room that is essential for there to be maximum effectiveness is to leave it as a standing room only set up. While standing, there is a different kind of energy expelled in your voice. Not only will you enjoy the ability to walk around and freely change positions but also you will be able to adjust your energy level according to the conversation.

Another piece is to have a good headset. Once again the freedom involved of being able to talk, walk and move as naturally as possible will be emulated in your voice and come across as confidence and ease. These are exactly the kinds of qualities that prospective buyers and sellers find attractive and are more likely to respond to.
Remember, prospecting is the most valuable aspect of our business and you can’t sell a house without an appointment just like you can’t create a relationship without a good rapport. So while you are working hard to keep up with all the latest technologies, bells and whistles that keep popping up in our industry – don’t forget what really matters, face time and staying true to yourself while being in touch with as many prospects as possible! Good luck!