How to Create a QR Code in Less Than Two Minutes (Plus Information You Didn’t Know About These Black & White Squares)

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You won’t believe how simple and quick it is to generate a QR code. In fact, a lot of real estate agents don’t even know what a QR code is, let alone how to generate one for one or more of their listings. Here’s one of the industry’s biggest little secrets: As a REALTOR® you already have an account on (assuming you’re a member of your local Board of Realtors). Each listing you post on the MLS will automatically appear on the website as well, linked through the MLS.

Now here’s the best part. The service that allows you to assign a QR code that is unique to your specific listing is absolutely free of charge and it can be tapped into in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is log onto your account on the site, select a listing and that’s it! Beyond that, you will also be able to generate a property-specific flier that will automatically populate the details of your listings plus elements from your profile such as your photograph. That flier is yours to do with what you like – like using it at your open house or distributing it within the neighborhood to alert everyone of the new listing. There are a number of possibilities.

Here are some common questions that come up with QR code technology:

How does QR code technology work?

It stands for “Quick Response” and using the same technology as used in barcodes, these 2-dimensional graphics have the ability to store a large amount of information. They are easily scanned using mobile device apps that allow for quick access through the devices’ camera function.

Why would one want a flier with a QR code on it?

With today’s mobile phones, iPads, and other mobile devices QR codes allow people to “take a website” with them by just scanning the code and moving on. The address and/or information remains on the phone without the need to remember a website URL or note down any details.

What makes this little black and white square so special?

One of the best features of QR codes that works particularly well in the real estate industry is how easy and inexpensive (free!) it is to generate specific barcodes designed to hold a host of information. Also the fact that they are mobile caters to today’s fast-paced world.
I invite you to watch the training module demonstrating just how easy it is to create a QR code and flier for your property. And as always, if you have any questions about this or other real estate related matters, I’m happy to help. I continue to be committed to your success!