There is No “I” in the Word “T-E-A-M”

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You’ve all heard the expression “there is no “I” in the word TEAM” but until and unless you have the pleasure of actually experiencing working in a true TEAM environment, there is no telling if you really understand the meaning of it.

Take our example. Until just recently, I had been shoveling new agents with nothing but intense training modules, strategies and tactics – when in actuality what they really needed before they started everything else was the right mindset. A mindset of success, high professional standards and a code of ethics with which to treat each other are essential to a successful team.

In fact, after the eye-opening moment of realizing that our emphasis on our office culture hadn’t been nearly as strong as it should be, we worked together to draft our Realtors Team Standards.

Together with the input of myself and some of the agents on our team, we worked on the bigger picture – our company’s mission statement, our vision, standards of practice and more.

Synergy, accountability, profitability and our legacy are also areas we spent valuable time and energy on. We sat down to establish viable, workable, team strengthening standards that we expect to be followed by each and every one of us.

How does this impact the success of our company? The answer is simple. It creates a sense of oneness that can only come from working in harmony with others on the same boat, pulling for you. A team standard institutes genuine support in one another; support that can only be expected in an environment where one can feel completely safe and comfortable working among their own.

It’s time you ask yourself,
“Am I happy with the team and office culture of my company?”
“Do I walk out of the door every day feeling satisfied with my work and career?”
“Does my team support me and do I give them the same level of support and backing?”
“Are there company standards in place that I can be proud of?”

For some of you, the answers will surprise you.

So if you’re an agent that thrives and survives on the solidity that comes from a strong office culture to go hand in hand with success – contact us today. We think you’ll love working with us on our team.

And for a closer look at our Realtors Team Standards, click on the link to read it in its entirety. As always, feel free to call or shoot me a quick email if you’d like to explore joining our team or even just get some more information about us.

Introducing ... What It Takes To Achieve True Real Estate Success

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You might expect any number of reasons that a person is going to be successful in this business of real estate. It could be putting in long hours, relentlessly pursuing every lead until you can’t pursue them anymore, or even just sheer tenacity – and dedication.

But the truth is there is just one word that I can attribute as having the most impact on your success in this business. Attitude.

To illustrate this viewpoint, I’m going to bring in a fantastic example of a brand new agent that has done just that – through her positive, “go get ‘em” attitude she has managed to conquer just about everything a new agent could expect to in the first few weeks and months on this career path.

With her first closing already on her belt as of three weeks ago, Sarah’s next two transactions are expected to close within the next week and another two pendings will likely close by the end of this month. Can you imagine a new agent that will have had five (or more) closed transactions done within the first few months of joining this profession?

I can.

Here’s why. From the moment I met Sarah – I knew she had it in her to hit the ground running in this business. By making solid choices and very good decisions about where and how to place her energies during her start – she ended up the right results. The kind of results you’d expect from someone with the right attitude.

As soon as she started, she took a mental inventory of what would get her business moving from the get-go and she decided that she needed to take the necessary steps to be successful in this business. Now, everybody knows how to be successful in real estate – it’s the part about implementing those methods that sets apart the top-producers from the not-so-top producers. Of course, with Sarah – she took stock of the technology she wanted to implement in her business, quickly learned to expertly use those tools and within a matter of days was able to leverage that to her advantage.

In fact, the technology that Sarah chooses to use in her business every single day is exactly what makes her look as experienced (if not more) than her peers that are far more experienced in terms of years in the profession.

Sarah’s story is just beginning – and I have no doubt in my mind that she will reach many levels of success in her journey. But if you would like to explore how you, too, can be a huge success – then I invite you to contact me. Send me a quick email and I’d be glad to sit down with you to take stock of your real estate business. And most importantly, together with you – evaluate your attitude toward success.