Is the Technology You’re Using For Your Real Estate Business Doing Its Job?

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Face it. Your real estate business is just that – a business. That means that everything you do has the sole end purpose of a certain goal that you have established. Now regardless of what your goal is, the truth is that as long as you achieve success no matter what form of investment you make toward business – it’s a worthwhile one.

So speaking about investing, consider this: all things technology related to the real estate industry seem to be useful investments but “useful” is a completely subjective term. In my many years of experience in the business, I can tell you that there have many hits and misses and only after years of learning and going through various experiences have I learned what I know today. Yet I’m still learning.

One thing that I do know a lot about is how to utilize technology effectively in my business. The key word here is effectively. One of the biggest mistakes I see many agents making is to delve into any and all forms of seemingly “high tech” stuff, only to realize too late that their ROI is next to nothing. That’s why I say “If it’s not working, get rid of that technology!”

What do I mean by “working”? Well, it’s simple. What’s the one thing we all want as real estate agents? We want business. And if your technology or technologies of choice are not getting you that business – get rid of it now. If the mechanisms you have put into place do not directly result in meeting viable buyers and sellers, it’s time to rethink that system and go back to the drawing board.

One example of a perfectly working technology is the use of a website service called BombBomb. I’ve been using it for a while and this video marketing service allows me to target specific audiences with my custom videos, giving me the ability to track exactly when and where people are accessing the videos as well as giving me a clear idea as to who I need to be getting in touch with. Because if you have no idea who to follow up with, how can you expect to achieve any results and convert the lead into actual business?
If you’d like to have a technology audit done on your business, contact me today. I would be glad to look over what you’re doing, evaluate what might work better and point you to getting the strongest ROI possible through technology. Contact me with a quick email and we’ll set up a time for that – or anything else you may need to help drive your business where you want it to be.