Five Absolutely MUST HAVE iPad Apps for Every Real Estate Agent

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There is no question that the real estate industry has changed dramatically during the past 20, 10 or even just 5 years. And there is one reason that points to this major change: technology. Now, you may think you’ve heard all there is to say about technology in our industry but the truth is that it’s an ever-changing world and it’s vital to keep up to date with those changes.

Case in point – today’s coaching session is about using an iPad in your business. If you don’t have an iPad, don’t stop reading this! By the time you hear about some of the phenomenal features and tools that are available through this device – I can bet you will go get one or at least start thinking about it. So without further ado, let me get started.

The single best iPad app out there right now for real estate agents is Cartavi. Designed to create a seamless integration of all your contacts related to a transaction, this unique system allows anyone you invite to a certain task to share documents as needed. For example, you set up a folder for a buyer and when you need the home inspector to send over their report all you have to do is invite them to that folder. They can then add the report in a universally housed folder. The same goes for any and all other professionals in the transaction. Appraisers, mortgage loan officers, stagers, contractors – anyone relevant to your deal.

When electronic signatures were signed into law as being acceptable for legal contracts things changed dramatically in real estate. Surprisingly, however, not too many agents engage in the use of this incredible opportunity – they’d rather spend hours driving back and forth chasing signatures with a real pen. But here is the real cool thing about Docusign; it works in conjunction with Cartavi, allowing you to quickly, effortless and seamlessly manage your entire transaction in a way that is convenient for everyone involved – not just you or your client.

Designed to create and display absolutely stunning presentations, Keynote is an app that will force you to ask yourself an important question. If you thought you impressed your prospective clients before – think again. Combined with the pinpoint perfection of an iPad’s visual technology, Cartavi presentations knock PowerPoint right out of the ballpark. One of the first things you learn in the real estate business is the need to stand out from the crowd. I guarantee that with a listing presentation (or any other presentation) made using Keynote, you “wow” your clients right into signing an agreement with you.

Open Home Pro
This seemingly inconsequential but very powerful tool is just what you might need to kick your open houses up a notch. Granted, the more technology you employ the less you will even need to conduct open houses – but for those agents that do them, Open Home Pro is an excellent app to use. The way it works is that as people enter the home you are showcasing, you hand them your iPad, warmly introduce yourself and then hand them your (very cool) iPad to register. They will be asked to input their name, contact information and some other things and then a message will pop up asking them to give the iPad back to you. Until recently you could not customize questions on Open Home Pro but just a couple days ago the company updated the app to allow agents to customize questions asked.

When I first saw Evernote in action, the possibilities seemed endless to me. And that hasn’t changed one bit. This app is a virtual executive assistant and one-stop filing system, in that it organizes every last piece of information (in multiple formats) all in one neat little notebook (think: folder). You can instantly drop into your notebook the many agreements, emails, amendments & addendums, video and/or voice notes and anything else to do with your transaction. And when you need to access something to do with the file, just open the notebook you need and everything is at your fingertips. You won’t have to go fishing in email for a particular email communication, look through your photos to find the pictures you need or chase a separate program on your computer to access notes from a past meeting with your client. It is all housed in one neat little package and if you integrate all your devices, you can access the same information from each device without going through time-consuming backup processes.  
Before I go, I want to mention one vital fact. It’s important to remember that agents are not the only ones that have technology at their beck and call. Consumers do too. In fact, more people now than ever before are turning to technological advances when it comes to engaging in buying or selling a home. So not only is it a good idea to keep up with the times, but it is critical to give the public what it demands.

If you have any questions about how to use the apps I’ve mentioned above, integrate them into your existing systems or want to learn more about how you can leverage these phenomenal tools – contact me today. Nothing pleases me more than to see you succeed!

Database Management is the Most Underutilized Tool in Real Estate

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Ever since I’ve been recording and sending out these agent training blogs, I’ve begun to notice a plethora of topics that need attention. One of those things popped up recently as I was tweaking my database.

Just how much are you using your customer database?

Even more important than answering this question is to realize whether or not you really understand how much opportunity actually lies in those names, phone numbers and email addresses.

Without a doubt, I know that most of you will answer with a resounding “YES!” when I ask if you want to increase your business. But tell me this – how many have seriously sat down and looked over your database? The fact is that with a few, very simple, steps you can and will touch upon the lives of each and every one of the names in your database. And by doing so you will automatically invite a whole new world of prospective clients into your business.

Get in Touch and Then Stay In Touch
There’s a good chance that you’ve already done your homework and set up a fairly decent database of some sort. In that database I can probably guess that there are at least a few hundred names (or more, depending on where you are in your career). These are likely names of people that you have worked with, expect to work with, hope to serve in the future or those that may refer you to people in their spheres of influence.

But here’s the thing: What are you doing with those names? How do you know they even remember meeting you the first time? Can you, with absolute certainty, be sure that when it comes time for them to engage in a real estate transaction – that you will be the one they call? The answer to this last question is – no. You cannot be sure. But if you get in touch with them, stay in touch with them and provide them something of value – they will remember you the moment something of importance comes up. 

Give Them Something They Need and They’ll Come Right Back To You
That is what customer relationship management is all about. Now, instead of losing money every month by missing out on the myriad inquiries that could have come through – you can now be enjoying the fruits of your success from being known as the expert in real estate for their area.

Here’s what you do: record two videos each month. These videos should be packed with great content that shares valuable information only an expert real estate agent might share with his or her prospective clients. It can be anything from the latest market statistics, to information on how long a short sale will take or even buying and selling guides. No matter what you send out, the important thing to remember is that you are positioning yourself to being a trusted advisor and an expert in the field. Here’s the best part: when they need someone or something, you are the one they will call. It’s as simple as that.

I know this works first hand because I am a living, breathing example of someone that this has worked for. Take this recent case of a couple that had been receiving my videos for almost nine months. They were not ready at first – and quite honestly, I wasn’t even really thinking of them. But eight and a half months later their circumstances changed and all of a sudden they had decided to move to another state. Who do you think they called to list their home?

Keep in mind that one of the most important things in your business is predictability. Database management is one of the easiest ways to reach out into your sphere of influence and touch lives – yes, literally touch lives – with your sincere commitment to helping them with their real estate needs. Simply add a few dozen new email addresses to your database each month and watch your business grow – on its own accord!

No one more than me wants to see you be successful in this business. That’s why I invite you to contact me if you have any questions about how you can maximize your business and commissions by using this tested, tried and true technique.

Thanks for visiting my blog and I’ll see you next time!