The Right Way Vs. the Wrong Way For Real Estate Career Success

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There must be a reason there are so many real estate agents yet we only see some of those names over and over again.  In fact, I know exactly what the reason is.  Most of the agents that get their license and then get into the real estate world hardly really know what to do with their newfound freedom of an independent career as a Realtor.  The ones that do know what they are doing are the ones whose names we see and hear about repeatedly.

If you find that your career is lagging behind what you would really like it to be, have you asked yourself “What am I doing differently that I can expect different results?”  Here’s a list of some Realtor Do’s and Don’ts – exactly the kind of thing that will separate you from those lurkers and get you back in the game.  Remember – there is always a right way to do real estate and a wrong way.  Which one do you want to be doing?

Advertising Your Business

One way of doing real estate is that you can become a Realtor and hope that anyone wanting to buy or sell a house will know you are qualified to handle the transaction and contact you.   The right way is to openly advertise your business, talents and services.  By sharing with your community that you have taken on this career, you are engaging in active participation with your potential clients instead of passively waiting for them to make the first move.  Think about all the new restaurants, offices or stores you have recently visited or come to know of.  How did you find out about them?  Would you have tried them without some sort of introduction?  Advertising is key and the real estate industry is no different.


Just like advertising your name, you need to focus on a solid marketing plan that will get your clients the results they want.   Whether they are buying a home or selling – the key role you will play as a successful Realtor is to get word out and maybe even bring it in.  Lackluster agents are known for putting up a yard sign, maybe holding an open house at the initial listing stage and then reacting to any buyers that come forward.  The right way to do your real estate clients justice is to get out there and practice proactive marketing.  Actively seek out buyers for listings you have.  Know your community so when something suitable comes up for your buyers you know exactly where and when to approach the seller.  Use modern day technological tools to engage the potential buyers of your clients’ homes.  Use video, email marketing and social media.  It’s all out there, ready and waiting for you to use.

Communicating With Your Clientele

Nothing is more frustrating for a person buying (or selling) a home than to contact their agent only to be left with days of no response.  Half-hearted attempts to stay in touch with clients or part-time agents that only work a few days a week are reasons for clients to move elsewhere.   The right way to do it is to demonstrate how you value and respect your clients with quick responses to their calls, emails and inquiries.  If you haven’t heard from clients in a while, call them to see how they are doing and whether they can refer you to anyone else looking to buy or sell a home.
Like the agent I mention in my video, nothing comes for nothing.  Design a roadmap.  Develop a plan.  And then implement it.  To help you with this endeavor, contact me for a custom coaching call that will help you see that you can change your career for the better and expect excellent results!