Lead Follow-Up & Conversation Using Video Email Proves Successful For Many Realtors

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Traditional marketing methods preach volumes about lead generation but what do you once you have those leads?  Unless they are tapped into they will likely end up as loose ends that result in hundreds – even thousands of dollars wasted at the end of the day.  How can you take those contacts you have spent so much time, energy and resource on to actually turn them into something tangible?

Take Lead Generation and Follow-Up to the Next Level

With video email technology you can reach a surprising number of potential clients in a very easy, streamlined way and one that is increasingly user-friendly both from the business perspective as well as from clients’ point of view.  Keeping with conventional techniques of generating leads is fine but once you have your lists of leads, engage in simple video email communication with them and watch your success rate jump!

In today’s digital age clients still like to see a name and a face and they need to feel that personal connection.  Not only that, with smart phones the technology is there to support eye-to-eye emails – something that will make you stand out from others still relying on phone communication alone.

Getting Started With Communication Technology for Follow-Up

Depending on the level of experience you have working with video and digital technology, it might be a good idea to get started using a great service available online – one of the best forums to begin reaching out to your potential clients: www.eyejot.com.  Their service is available free of cost on a basic level with the option to upgrade to a paying membership that costs just $99 a year.  That is a phenomenal deal considering that the membership fee includes unlimited video emails that can be branded to suit your individual needs.  Whether including a company logo, photograph of you and your staff, or having direct links to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages – it is all possible with this company.  The best part is that the digital format will automatically result in viral marketing of your brand.

For heavier use, another highly recommended website is www.comF5.com.  This company goes the extra mile with a host of marketing solutions including video email and newsletters, database management, complex data tracking as well as email tracking – and a lot more.  Though more expensive at $100 per month, this company definitely offers a sophisticated set of tools to enhance your current marketing plan.
Remember as they say: Fortune is in the follow up.  We’re not in the sales business – we’re in the follow up business.  And in today’s day and age, follow up should using nothing but the latest tools and technology so you can focus on the aspects of business that matter most – your clients!