How To Stand Out In a Crowd As a True Real Estate Professional

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There are two important factors that will impact your level of success as a real estate professional and they are whether you are viewed as a trusted advisor and how relevant your clients perceive you in the industry.

What are some of the ways that agents work to assure their clients of these traits?  Providing real-time communication, accessibility, channeling listing information through the use of the latest technology and engaging in proactive as opposed to reactive marketing method.  These are just a few techniques used by successful Realtors.

Market Data Provides a Factual Basis for Your Advice

As you advise your clients on the myriad areas of their real estate endeavors, such as how to prepare their home for sale, what they can really afford when buying or what price to list their home, be sure to provide factual backing to your advice.  The single best way that agents gain their clients’ trust is by demonstrating that they know what they are talking about. One of the best industry tools out there is market data reporting.

There are a number of market research companies that produce data research reports suited to your needs and these work particularly well in our ever-changing real estate industry.  Clients can view market trends at a glance while homing in on specific areas of interest.

How Does Data Support a Realtor’s Position?

There are many formats that you can obtain when you get a membership with a market data research company.  One such company is Altos Research and one of their market updates is a six-page report that is broken down into various vicinities of a given region.  Presented in a pleasingly professional format, the report shares a week of market trend data pivotal to making key decisions for both you the Realtor and your clients.

With information such as the number of days homes in a particular market have been on the market, median list prices, the number of new property listings and more – an agent can show his or her clients exactly where the advice being dispensed is stemming from.  One of the hardest things for agents to deal with is sharing the harsh truths of a challenged market.  With the help of market data reports, you can corroborate your statements with facts.  You can customize your reports to some degree, depending on which company you choose to work with and if you have enough staff you can even develop your own market data reports.  The key is being able to demonstrate to clients that you are indeed accessing your information from reputable sources.

Underline Your Value As a True Professional

Earn the respect you deserve by supporting your statements with factual data.  One example of doing so is by sharing with your clients information about the market action index.  This is one of the best methods of explaining a very common question asked by many people: “how is the market doing?” The market action index measures the amount of available inventory against what is actually selling in the market.  The resultant value is an indication of whether it is currently a buyer-controlled or seller-controlled environment.
When you have professionally sourced data to back your own information clients will continue to give you the respect you deserve as a qualified, reputable and knowledgeable player in the field.  Visit a market data research company website today to see the host of features available to enhance YOUR business and show your clients that you are indeed a relevant and trusted real estate advisor.